Brandy Spencer

Bathroom Need An Overhaul? Two Reasons To Start With A Glass Shower Enclosure

The bathroom is one of the most-used spaces in any home. Just think of the many ways that you currently use your restrooms. It's the perfect place to go to when you need to get ready for a big date or even just to provide you with a temporary escape when the pressures of family life begin to overwhelm you. Yes, the bathroom can be an incredibly welcoming haven when you need both physical and mental relief. Read More 

Are Frameless Shower Doors Right For Your Bathroom Remodel?

Looking to remodel your bathroom? If so, then one cost-effective way to modernize your shower is to replace an existing curtain rod or opaque sliding door with a frameless shower door. This beautiful type of door can typically swing freely in both directions and is made of durable glass to create a beautiful look for many years to come.  There are a number of benefits to installing a frameless shower door on your existing shower enclosure; explore the key advantages below to help you decide if this type of door is right for your bathroom remodeling project. Read More 

How to Create Your Own Stained Glass Window

Installing a stained glass window can add beauty to any home. These windows look very colorful and are often great conversation pieces. It is not always easy to find the perfect sized piece of stained glass to fit the particular window you want to replace without paying a very expensive price. However, with a bit of craftiness, you can create your own stained glass window that looks just as beautiful. Read More 

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do If Your Windshield Is Damaged

Windshield damage is not uncommon. Although windshields are designed to be durable, they can be damaged from things like rocks hitting the glass or the car being involved in an accident. If your car does have a damaged windshield, these are some of the things that you should not do. 1. Ignore the Windshield Damage If the windshield damage doesn't seem too serious, if you're really busy with other things in your life or if you don't have much money, then you might be tempted to ignore your windshield damage. Read More 

4 Things You May Need To Have Done To Your Vehicle After An Accident

Did you just get into a car collision? In the aftermath of it, you may have noticed some serious damage to your vehicle. If it still runs well but no longer looks good, you can bring it over to the specialists to have various repairs completed. 1. Get the Seatbelts Replaced You should always have the old seatbelts removed and replaced after getting into an accident. After you have been involved in a collision while wearing the seatbelts, those seatbelts may no longer function as they are supposed to and would not offer the same level of protection as they did before, which is why you should have new ones installed inside the vehicle. Read More