3 Benefits Of Graffiti Film For Your Business

Vandalism is a concern for many businesses. Graffiti film works as a protective layer for your business's windows to prevent damage from spray paint and etching. Learning about the benefits this type of film provides will help you decide if it's right for your business. 

It Keeps Graffiti Off Windows

Just like its name sounds, graffiti film prevents graffiti from sticking on windows. Windows are naturally porous, which allows the paint to grab onto the surface of the glass — which makes for costly cleanups. 

The spray paints used in graffiti are notoriously stubborn to clean up due to their small droplet size. Anti-graffiti film isn't as porous as glass, so the spray paint has trouble sticking to it. 

If the graffiti damage isn't extensive, you could clean the barrier more easily than you could clean the window itself. If the paint damage is extensive, you can simply have the film peeled off and a new layer applied to the window. 

It's Easy To Install

Another benefit of graffiti film is that it has an easy installation process. If your business has a single-floored storefront, the installation may only take a day.

First, an installer will clean your windows to allow the film to adhere properly. Once the windows are clean, the installer will spray the glass with water. Next, the film will be applied from a large roll and cut to size. After the installer cuts the film, they will spray the layer a second time. Finally, the installer will use a squeegee to remove the water from between the glass and the film.

Once cleaned, the resulting layer will be indistinguishable from the window's glass. 

It Reduces Window Damage

Business windows are often outside of standard glass sizes and can be costly to replace after vandalism. Vandalism cleanup can cost thousands of dollars in either cleanup or window replacement — and graffiti film is an easy answer to both. This film clings to the outside of your windows, tolerates graffiti and mild scratches, and is removable for easy cleanup. 

Graffiti film also serves as a protective barrier that provides a cushion for storm damage or break-in attempts. Think of the barrier as a transparent screen protector that goes over your window. Light impacts are dispersed by the surface tension of the film — sparing your window from cracks.

If you're interested in having graffiti film installed at your business, reach out to your local window film installer. Your installer will provide you with any guidance specific to your company's windows and set you up with an appointment for installation.