Bathroom Need An Overhaul? Two Reasons To Start With A Glass Shower Enclosure

The bathroom is one of the most-used spaces in any home. Just think of the many ways that you currently use your restrooms. It's the perfect place to go to when you need to get ready for a big date or even just to provide you with a temporary escape when the pressures of family life begin to overwhelm you. Yes, the bathroom can be an incredibly welcoming haven when you need both physical and mental relief. If your bathroom is looking a little drab and you want to breathe new life into it, installing a glass shower enclosure can be the perfect starting point.

Glass Shower Enclosures Make Cleanup A Breeze

Cleaning the shower can be a bone of contention for some people. You love relishing in the warmth and coziness of the hot water as it cascades over your body. However, setting aside time to make sure that the shower doesn't get too caked with dirt and mildew can be one of those chores that you look forward to with a sense of dread. The contortions you have to put your body into to reach the deepest recesses of the shower might leave you with so much discomfort that you and the other members of your family almost have to draw straws to see who will be next in line to tackle the task!

Switching over to a glass enclosure can really lighten your load. Glass shower enclosures keep dirt and mildew from building up so you should find that you don't have to clean the shower as often as you used to. Purchasing a scrubless shower cleaner and spraying a light dusting after each session should be sufficient to keep the glass looking as good as new.

Enhance Both Space & Visibility

Putting in a glass shower enclosure is also great for visibility. It can be quite dangerous to get into a shower that isn't as bright as it needs to be. You run the risk of falling or not really seeing the places on your body that could use more soap and water.

When you install a glass shower enclosure, there should be more light flooding the space than ever before. The glass has a way of eliminating barriers so your small bathroom could look like it's much larger than it really is.

Glass shower enclosures add elegance and class to any bathroom. Ask a contractor to measure out your shower area so you can plan for your new glass enclosure. Contact a company like Kauffman Glass and Mirror to learn more.