Brandy Spencer

ADAS Calibration: All You Need to Know

Many modern vehicles come with technological enhancements known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Auto experts install this technology to facilitate safe parking and driving. Today, most windscreens are integrated with ADAS. It has played a significant role in preventing many injuries and fatalities by reducing the impact of unavoidable accidents and the overall number of car collisions. However, the technology must be in perfect form for it to work. If you suspect any event like an accident or windshield repair has altered it, seek professional calibration immediately. Read More 

4 Ways Installing Glass Partitions Can Benefit Your Business

As a prudent entrepreneur, you know how important it is to develop new ways of attracting clients and beating competitions. An effective marketing strategy is undoubtedly an incredible place to start to increase brand awareness. Improving the physical appearance of your premises is something you should also focus on. Partitioning your workspace using glass is among the best ways to do so. Don't forget to consult with a glazing contractor for the project. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Installing A Frameless Shower Door

Your bathroom is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. You could add simple, sleek, and sophisticated elements like frameless bathroom doors to create a more relaxed feel in your bathroom. These doors have thick panes for support. They also have rubber extensions installed at the bottom to prevent water from flowing outside. Discover more reasons to install a frameless glass shower door for your bathroom. Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger Read More 

Three Upgrades To Consider When Having Glass Installed In Your Business

Whether your business needs new windows, doors, or something else, setting up a glass installation can be exciting. If you're replacing the glass in your business, it's a good idea to consider a few upgrades that can help to protect your business, workers, and goods. Here are three things to consider asking your commercial glass installer about. UV Resistance These days, many people are aware of the threats that UV radiation can pose to skin. Read More 

Why Professional Windshield Replacement Is Vital

Besides being a safety net when driving, your car's windshield provides an excellent driving view. Thus, if anything hard hits this front window, it requires immeidate attention from a professional. It is because a shattered windshield is a significant safety threat. Also, a minor jolt can wreak havoc on the damaged windshield, putting the occupants' lives in jeopardy. Although you can find many windshield replacement facilities, giving that task to professionals has its advantages: Read More