When To Seek A Window Repair Service

Windows, both on the exterior and in the interior, can transform the atmosphere of a building. Sadly, they are susceptible to wear and damage over time. As a homeowner, you get to choose between repairing or replacing them.

Getting a replacement is a good idea if the existing ones are badly damaged. On the other hand, a window repair service is convenient when you need minor fixes. 

But how can you tell that you need this kind of service? Read on to find out.

Cracked or Broken Glass Panes 

Hiring a window repair technician is reasonable if you have cracked or broken glass panes on your window. The technician will install new glass panes and fix them as part of the repair job.

With this service, you reduce the risk of injury from broken glass panes. Also, your property will have better insulation, which improves its energy efficiency.

Water Leaks

Faulty windows are usually a gateway for rainwater to get into your property. If the water leaks persist, they may cause water damage, mold growth, and rot, which are costly to mend. Your walls may also suffer waterlogging and develop cracks due to this issue.

Water may leak through your windows if they have weak weatherstrips. Regardless of the cause, the solution here is to have the leaks resealed. It would help if you also had your draining system inspected for defects.

Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are a nuisance, especially during cold weather. They let in a cold breeze that may make your living space uncomfortable. To deal with this problem, you may have to use your heater more than you usually use it.

Causes of drafty windows include gaps or cracks in the caulking and decaying weatherstrips. Gaps between your home and the window can also let cold air into your house. Hiring a window repair professional is a great way to handle drafty windows. 

Warped Window Panels

If you have wooden windows and reside in an area with high humidity, the windows are likely to have warped panels. Warping happens because wood doesn't respond well to high moisture content. Water disfigures the panel, making it difficult to fit in the structure.

Always seek the services of a window repair technician when dealing with warped panels. The expert will adjust the panels to their normal position if the damage is mild. And if it is severe, they will install a new window (such as vinyl) that can withstand high humidity.

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