Why You Should Consider Installing A Frameless Shower Door

Your bathroom is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. You could add simple, sleek, and sophisticated elements like frameless bathroom doors to create a more relaxed feel in your bathroom.

These doors have thick panes for support. They also have rubber extensions installed at the bottom to prevent water from flowing outside. Discover more reasons to install a frameless glass shower door for your bathroom.

Makes Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Some bathroom designs could make your shower look smaller. For instance, using shower curtains or framed doors in small bathroom spaces may not be ideal. These structures squeeze out your visual space and make your bathroom look even smaller and cramped.

On the other hand, Frameless shower doors can allow more light into your bathroom. You can see through the glass, which creates the illusion of a much bigger space. This way, you can enforce the bathroom design you want and have fun doing it.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

Bathroom cleaning is a labor-intensive process that most people tend to avoid. However, with a frameless shower door, things are much easier.

To clean a frameless glass shower door, you only need a sponge and normal cleaning products to remove the accumulated soap scum and residue. You can also hire a glass cleaning expert if you want your door to look as good as new. Since this process is easy, your door will always be clean, which enhances the overall bathroom aesthetics.

Frameless shower doors are also easy to maintain since they have fewer hardware components and gaskets. Therefore, there will be no soap and water trapped in the seals after months of use. This feature also reduces the chances of mold and mildew growth.

Surprisingly Durable

Frameless glass doors are made of very thick, shatter-resistant glass material. Therefore, you can be sure that your door will not get scratches or break easily. But you need to be careful when handling your door to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Additionally, frameless shower doors don't need metal frames. So, you don't have to worry about corrosion. As such, these doors can serve you for a long time and spare you the replacement cost of corroded metal parts.

Customized Sizes

Frameless shower doors come in various sizes and offer endless stylish options. They are cut and sized to your specifications. For example, if standard sizes are too big or small for your shower enclosure, you can get a custom door that fits the size of your shower enclosure.

You can also tweak your designs and still find a perfect fit for your bathroom. For instance, if you have a corner shower, you could choose a curved frameless glass door to save on space. Also, if you want a more modernized look, you could opt for a frameless sliding door. Its versatility is a welcome feature if you're looking to give your bathroom a personalized touch.

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